Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boot Windows 7Updater

Are you user of the Windows seven?
Are you bored with the booting animation of the windows Seven?

At this time, I will share an application that can change the booting animation for Windows Seven, the name is Windows Seven Boot Updater. It is a free software that can be use to change your windows booting.

Boot Windows 7Updater

this is the screenshoot of the software..look great??

If you want to download this software, you just need to follow the download link under this text :

This application must need an animation, internet has many animation for this application. But, I give you some booting animation that can be use with Boot Windows & Updater. This is the animation :

I think it was enough for this time. See you later in this Blog. Thank You :)


Anonymous said...

jadi ini buat update otomatis ya sob?

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